Meetings – These are held on the last Wednesday of the month at 7pm. From March 2017 these will be at Houghall College, Durham, UK except June, August and December. The postcode is DH1 3SG.

Future meetings are:

March – Inauguration of the new accommodation with Margaret Murdin (BBKA Chair) as the speaker.

April – Ian Wallace ‘How to kill your bees without really trying’

May – Tony Jefferson, Whitby and District beekeepers – probably queen rearing

June – BBQ

July – members’ chat

August – no meeting



Chair –

Secretary –

Find us on Facebook at Durham Beekeepers Association

Local honey – we don’t have a list of suppliers but you could try the Indoor Market in Durham, or local farm shops, or farmers markets.

Swarms – If you think you have a swarm of honey bees please contact your local council who will pass your details to a member of our association if appropriate, who may contact you to come to collect the bees.

We can only collect honey bee swarms, so it’s helpful to have a description of the bees and their activities.

Swarms are normally quite calm if you leave them alone – although they may look alarming – and you’re most likely to see them in May or June.


The apiary manager intends to open the apiary the Saturday after the association meeting from 11am-1pm. Bring a veil. Check before setting out as it will be weather dependent.