Some of your questions will be answered on other pages of our website. Here are a few other popular questions and their answers…

Is my garden / field a suitable place for a beehive?

Siting your apiary well is important not only for your bees’ welfare, but also for any neighbours or passing members of the public. The BBKA publishes a handy guide that will help you consider the main points. If you would like to offer a suitable apiary site to a local beekeeper please send to the Secretary (secretary.dbka@gmail.com) your contact details and postcode and a short description of the proposed site so that these may be circulated to the DBKA membership. If you are about to set up your own apiary for the first time we strongly advise you to join DBKA or a more local beekeepers association where you will find plenty of support and training opportunities.

How can I get some honey from bees in my immediate neighbourhood?

First of all ask around – maybe at your local shop, at the pub. If you still need help you can send your contact details and your postcode to secretarydbka@gmail.com and they will be circulated to our membership. If a local beekeeper has spare honey for sale they’ll get in touch. Bear in mind that in some years beekeepers don’t manage to harvest any honey from their bees.

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